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Criminal Justice

Accountability in Crime and Law

Impact of Our Reporting

Shadow Diplomats

Ex-Honorary Consul Accused of Financing Hezbollah Indicted on Money Laundering, Terrorism Counts

Mohammad Ibrahim Bazzi was one of 500 “shadow diplomats” identified in a global investigation by ProPublica and ICIJ.

Words of Conviction

Pressure Mounts to Ban Use of 911 Call Analysis, Review Convictions

Following a ProPublica investigation, attorneys have called for punishing prosecutors who used the technique knowing it was inadmissible in court. One conviction gets another look.

Cold Justice

Maryland AG Seeks to Preserve Massive Set of Sexual Assault Evidence

Samples saved by a Baltimore doctor have been used to solve more than 80 cold cases, but evidence from 1,800 cases remains untested. The state's new attorney general and some lawmakers are acting to protect this evidence trove from destruction.

353 stories published since 2015

This Pharmacist Said Prisoners Wouldn’t Feel Pain During Lethal Injection. Then Some Shook and Gasped for Air.

Tennessee’s Governor Calls for Expanding a Gun Dispossession System Already Failing Domestic Violence Victims

This Man’s Conviction Was Overturned After Two Years in Prison. But the City Said He Didn’t Deserve a Dime.

Roadside Drug Tests Used to Convict People Aren’t Particularly Accurate. Courts Are Beginning to Prevent Their Use.

Fiscales de Nueva York ignoraron evidencia contaminada utilizada durante años contra conductores hispanohablantes

New York Prosecutors Ignored Tainted Evidence Used Against Spanish-Speaking Drivers for Years

Some Are Jailed in Mississippi for Months Without a Lawyer. The State Supreme Court Just Barred That.

Judge Dismisses Sex Abuse Case Against Alaska’s Former Acting Attorney General

Ayude a ProPublica y The Salt Lake Tribune a investigar las agresiones sexuales en Utah

Ex-Honorary Consul Accused of Financing Hezbollah Indicted on Money Laundering, Terrorism Counts

Prosecutors and Judges Push for Conviction Reviews, Ban on Junk Science of 911 Call Analysis

Help ProPublica and The Salt Lake Tribune Investigate Sexual Assault in Utah

Is It Forensics or Is It Junk Science?

Nearly Half of All Sheriffs in Louisiana Are Violating Public Records Laws

Años antes de acusarlo, investigadores de EE. UU. descubrieron pruebas de que el antiguo Secretario de Seguridad de México había cometido supuestos actos de corrupción

U.S. Investigators Uncovered Alleged Corruption by Mexico’s Former Security Minister Years Before He Was Indicted

Maryland AG Seeks to Preserve Massive Set of Sexual Assault Evidence

A Sheriff in Louisiana Has Been Destroying Records of Deputies’ Alleged Misconduct for Years

They Called 911 for Help. Police and Prosecutors Used a New Junk Science to Decide They Were Liars.

Some Talk but Little Action on Private Policing in St. Louis

St. Louis Can Banish People From Entire Neighborhoods. Police Can Arrest Them if They Come Back.

Complaint Filed Against Mississippi Judge for Failing to Hand Over Search Warrants to Clerk

The Globetrotting Con Man and Suspected Spy Who Met With President Trump

How a Chinese American Gangster Transformed Money Laundering for Drug Cartels

Mississippi’s Missing Search Warrants Prevent Scrutiny of No-Knock Raids

“Another Place to Warehouse People”: The State Where Halfway Houses Are a Revolving Door to Prison

A Private Policing Company in St. Louis Is Staffed With Top Police Department Officers

St. Louis’ Private Police Forces Make Security a Luxury of the Rich

Early Results on DNA Evidence From Decades-Old Rape Cases Are Both Promising and Alarming

Public Defenders and Defense Attorneys: Help ProPublica Report on Criminal Justice

Richard Glossip Has Eaten Three Last Meals on Death Row. Years Later, the State Is Still Trying to Execute Him.

Michigan Proposes Juvenile Justice Reforms After Story of Teen Locked Up for Missing Homework Exposed Gaps in System

Two Cities Took Different Approaches to Pandemic Court Closures. They Got Different Results.

Louisiana Limits Solitary Confinement for Youth

Shielded From Public View, Misconduct by Corrections Staff in Illinois Prisons Received Scant Discipline

Trial Diary: A Journalist Sits on a Baltimore Jury

Daniel Taylor Was Innocent. He Spent Decades in Prison Trying to Fix the State’s Mistake.

Wrongly Convicted Man Receives $7.5 Million Settlement in Indiana

They Built the Wall. Problems Remain After Founder’s Guilty Plea.

Louisiana Lawmakers Could Limit Solitary Confinement for Teens Following Alarming Revelations

Maine Will Soon Hire Its First Five Public Defenders. Most of the State Remains Without Them.

Changes in Police Policy, Payouts to Latino Victims of Traffic Stops and Arrests Following Investigations

The Invisible Hand of Steve Twist

St. Louis’ Murder Total Has Fallen, but Some Killings Went Uncounted

DOJ Charges Defendants With Harassing and Spying On Chinese Americans for Beijing

Shackles and Solitary: Inside Louisiana’s Harshest Juvenile Lockup

ACLU Sues Maine for Providing Ineffective Defense Counsel

Testing Rape Kits Can Deliver Exonerations, Closure and Cost Savings. Why Does It Still Take So Long to Do?

Years Before a Police Union Leader Was Raided by the FBI, Local Investigators Didn’t Pursue Allegations Against Him

Citizens Hide From Active Shooters as Alaska Is Slow to Deliver on 2019 Promise of Village Troopers